TRAIL - The Rizal Academy for Innovation and Leadership

TRAIL - The Rizal Academy for Innovation and Leadership

"In the long run, the only sustainable source of competitive advantage is your organization's ability to learn faster than its competition."

-Peter Senge

What is TRAIL'S competitive advantage vs. other Executive Training Programs?

  • TRAIl applies action learning, research, and leadership, to help executives develop the necessary attitude and skills needed to create innovative and practical solutions for the unprecedented challenges facing their organizations today 
  • TRAIL emphasizes tri-sectoral engagement believing that it is time for Business, Government and Civil Society to begin learning and working together, building trusting relationships that go beyond corporate social responsibility. 
  • TRAIL programs expand the executive's awareness from the Micro (individual) to Meso (organization) to Macro (society) to Mundo (world), giving him a whole system perspective for decision making. 
  • TRAIL is part of a global university, led by a world class faculty known for their work in organizational learning, research and learning innovations. 
  • TRAIL makes available to the executive a global network of practitioners to collaborate with and learn from. 

Executive Training Programs

The Art of the Learning Organization

With globalization and the fast pace of technology affecting the way business is done, organizations these days are facing unprecedented challenges. Leaders in these organizations must constantly be open to rethink and redesign work processes and reframe their mental models to break vicious cycles of the past.  
This 3-day workshop provides the tools and strategies of the learning organization in finding  solutions to real work challenges.

Applied Systems Thinking

Most of the time, organizations implement change initiatives that are not effective because these solutions come from old mindsets, confirming Albert Einstein’s statement: “solutions to today’s problems cannot come from the same kind of thinking that created the problem.”
This 2-day workshop applies a systemic approach for problem identification, problem solving and solution testing that allows a deeper understanding of our most vexing problems and finding the leverage for sustainable change.

Theory U Innovation Lab

Based on Otto Scharmer’s study of the world’s most accomplished leaders and innovators, Theory U is a change methodology that develops seven leadership capacities enabling participants to co-create a future of greater possibilities.  Theory U is currently being used for the Executive training program of global companies and institutions like Unilever, IBM, Mckinsey and Company, United Nations, World Bank.
Utilizing action learning and research, participants go through the stages of observing (connection to the world outside), going to that place of deeper knowing (connecting to the world within) and enacting (bringing forth new ventures and new realities) as aspects of a single core process of large-scale innovation and change.
Available as an in-house intervention for organizations and institutions.

ELIAS Philippines Fellows Program

A 6-month learning journey that applies the Theory U action research and leadership methodology to study and think up creative solutions to complex challenges facing the country today.  TRAIL offers the program every year from January-July in partnership with the Presencing Institute, MIT-Cambridge.