TRAIL - The Rizal Academy for Innovation and Leadership



BIG IDEA: What does it take to be a truly GLOBAL consulting company?
In January 2010, OCCI Stakeholders agreed that to be a truly Global consultancy company, we would focus for the next five years on the following key result
The premiere coaching company in the Philippines and Asia
Consultants for the learning organization
A community of believers and practitioners
Connect with divers people and places to sense the system from the whole
20 members of the OCCI community embarked on the first ELIAS PH Fellows program with Peter and Otto Scharmer in 2010- 2011 to explore the questions: What is the role of leadership in today’s changing world? What do we feel responsible for? Who am I? What is my WORK?
To differentiate the TRILOGY from the new program offerings for Big Systems change, we spinned off our sister company and named it after the National Hero, inspired by his life devoted to continuous
learning and reforming unjust social structures.
How the OCCI learning community is responding to the call of the future:
ELIAS PHILIPPINES FELLOWS PROGRAM leadership for the 21st century

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