TRAIL - The Rizal Academy for Innovation and Leadership


City of San Juan

by : Elyse Wynne C. Go TRAIL-ELIAS PH Fellow 2014

Big Idea : I love San Juan

How can I make people love San Juan as much as I do?
Interview with public servants, residents and travellers.
Observe! Observe! Observe! New York Walking Caribbean Cruise and Jamaican.
I am Love and my work is to serve
Prototyping 1
Prototyping Weekend session with ELIAS Co-travellers, Incorporation of feedback
Prototyping 2
Presenting and enhancement of idea with City Mayor and potential market
Key Process Element :
Identify important elements in the learning journey that contributed to the overall success or failure of the outcome.
Key Learnings :
As a continuing journey, what is the image you carry for the future of your initiative?
For the initiative to be an annual activity and even develop to be a constant source of additional income for the City’s Tourism.

Download PDFI Love San Juan.pdf