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OCCI Online

by : Carmen L. Santos TRAIL-ELIAS PH Fellow 2010 and Dennis Heruela TRAIL-ELIAS PH Fellow 2014

BIG IDEA : How Do We Take OCCI to a New Level of Service and  Post Higher Business Growth for the Organization?
Stakeholder interviews and dialogues among organizational development experts, HR Professionals and OCCI community.
Insights Gleaned:
Based on observations of actual public and corporate programs ran by OCCI, the needs from participants were generally:
OCCI can integrate an online platform for its programs in order to reach more people and coexist with the new media lifestyle.
OCCI Public and Corporate Programs to be revisited and restructured to integrate online learning features
Prototype Testing:
OCCI has evolved to become a learning community reaching millions of people and communities worldwide through its online platform and unique training and development programs.
Key Learnings:
Online learning and social media have become a powerful and effective learning structure for the new generation of learners and leaders. Key is for OCCI to integrate this new structure to its unique and effective public and corporate programs in order to stay relevant and reach a wider number of people.

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