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Coaching Tool Kit

Journey of ELIAS Fellow: Engr. Claude Gregory M. Sta. Calra, M.Sc.

INITIATIVE: Claude’s Coaching Tool Box (Systems Thinking Models)
BIG IDEA: How can I teach Systems Thinking in a fun, simple and creative way?
Attended Camp Snowball in Manila
-Learned the Systems Thinking Tools.
-Forgot the tools.
-Resisted further studies.
Attended Teaching Organizations to Learn
-Learned the Systems Thinking Tools (again).
-Besol Lopez whispers: “Learn these tools...”
-Resisted (again), but I said “ok…”
-Forgot the tools (again).
-Resisted further studies (again).
Attended Systems Thinking for Teachers
-Asked Fides Abad an important question in June: “Is there a way to summarize all the tools?”
-Forgot the answer…still resisting…
-Diverted attention to NS/NLP Practitioner Certification.
January - June 2014
Conducted NS/NLP Practitioner Certifications
-Asked myself an important question in January: “How can I teach NS/NLP in a simple way?”
-Answer: Make a teaching/training board! January to June: Deep Dive into simplifying NS/NLP
-Prototyping: weekly presentations/consultations/revisions
-Result: Claude’s NS/NLP Coaching Tool Box to be presented in the 3rd Neuro-Semantics International Conference in June 2015
-NS/NLP comic book for release in December 2014
June 9, 2014
ELIAS Class 2 Prototyping Weekend
-Asked Fides Abad an important question during project presentations:
“Is there a way to summarize all the tools?” –Yes, the Iceberg Mode.
Besol Lopez asks me to present the idea before 12noon – Yes, no resistance.
June 19, 2014
Systems Thinking Coaching Tool Box pilot run
-Designed and manufactured the training/teaching board.
-Announced the first coaching game pilot run on June 19, 2014.
-First run attended by Dibay Velasquez, Bel Villavicencio and Besol Lopez.
-Major revisions on rules and coaching game board design.
June - July 2014
Systems Thinking Coaching Tool Box test runs
-Conducted 5 coaching games as of July 23, 2014.
-Special thanks for supporting the coaching games: Dibay Velasquez, Faith De Chavez, Bel Villavicencio, Patricia Palacios, Cecile Mendoza, Pinky Benitez, Andrew Parkinson, Michael Chang and Besol Lopez.
July – December 2014
Systems Thinking Coaching Tool Box Philippines
-An invitation to experience systemic coaching.
-Ask systemic and focused questions like a pro.
-Experience peer-reviewed coaching questions.
-Become a systemic coaching tool box master.
Target: 50+ coaching games played
Systems Thinking Coaching Tool Box International
-International launch in Camp Snowball 2015
-Endorsement by Dr. Peter Senge
Target: 500+ coaching games played.

Download PDFCoaching Tool Kit.pdf