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Mimi Manalo

I am supporting the initiative of Dennis Heruela which will hopefully answer the question “How do we bring OCCI to another level of service and profitability?” As part of the OCCI organization, I feel that this initiative is important. We talk about providing service that would bring our clients into the 21st century. Therefore, it is important the OCCI find new services that use 21st century technology to deliver training and development programs centered on self-mastery and leadership to both the individual and the organizations they are part of. As Dennis puts it: “Therefore, the main challenge OCCI faces as it redefines and reinvents its programs to suit the current generations’ needs is how to effectively set-up new and updated programs utilizing new platforms that will prove effective and compatible to the current milieu.”
In his initiative, Dennis intends to establish and/or integrate an effective online coaching platform for OCCI’s public and corporate programs. It is hoped that this could shift the way OCCI promotes its programs – from building network and referrals from public programs to gain enrollment and accounts, the online platform (i.e., social media) becomes the means to build interest and enrollment to OCCI’s public and corporate programs. To kickstart this initiative, the prototype will be the online coaching of the parents of Kids Play.

My key learnings in Elias 2, and particularly in working with Dennis and Chona on their initiative are in the areas of personal mastery, humble inquiry, emphatic listening and the Theory U process.
Personal mastery is key for one to truly achieve “humble inquiry” and emphatic listening. Letting go of judgements, cynicism and even fear in order to face and achieve change is often times quite difficult. One needs to be in a space of compassion and heightened awareness to reach the point of “Open Mind, Open Heart and Open Will”. The process of developing Dennis’ initiative was not easy as it involved changing 18 years of transformation practice. Although OCCI is in the business of providing services of change management, transformation and learning organization processes to its clients, having to apply the same processes to itself was not necessarily without challenge as we needed to confront our own mental models about the organization. But when one surrenders to one’s highest self and willingly surrender to the processes, I can see that with the implementation of the prototype, OCCI may be better equipped to change with the times using emerging technologies.

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