TRAIL - The Rizal Academy for Innovation and Leadership


Dibay Velasquez

Self: I can choose to make a difference or not. I need to listen more with an open heart and mind. When I do choose to make a positive difference, like sharing what I have learned so far from the Elias Ph 2 journey, I find that I am happier and the people I have shared what I’ve learned with, are also happier. I am able to deepen my relationships using what I have learned from the journey. By listening, being open and trusting as I support others, I contribute significantly in terms of idea-generation and project-initiative enhancements.
Organization: It only takes one person, willing to have an open heart, mind and will, to create a small change that ripples out across an organization.
Society: We (the Elias Ph2 participants) may be small in number but we can choose to make a difference beginning with our own selves, which create a ripple effect that can lead to change.

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