TRAIL - The Rizal Academy for Innovation and Leadership


Louie Oviedo

Like I mentioned, ELIAS is more a personal journey for me. I found myself coming on head to head combat with my judgments and how I think things “should be”. There were times I would have just relented to Besol’s suggestion to put the course to a stall and take it later. But, a nagging feeling kept reminding me that I might never pass by this way again and might never have the chance to finish ELIAS EVER(!!) if I do not stay with it and finish it now. It was a test of my commitment.
It was also a test of compassion and acceptance. I acknowledge ELIAS came into my life during a time that it was an end of an Old Self and a journey for me. I was not ready to take up a new project during the time that ELIAS PH-2 came to me. And it is okay. People might judge me as having an “expensive” discernment period with ELIAS but hearing about other people’s initiatives kept me sane during the time I was not sure and was in my darkness.

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