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Theory U - One Process, Five Movements

U-Process: 1 Process, 5 Movements 
Foundation Workshop 
  • Bringing the challenge alive to each member of the team 
  • Clarify process of the learning journey 
  • Teambuilding and dealing with differences and conflicts 
  • Shared vision for the way forward & roadmap 
  • Deep dive and dialogue interview training 
  • Commitment to roles and responsibilities 
Co-sensing learning journeys 
  • Visits to places of most potential where the future is already happening (best practices)
  • Interviews - seeing the problem from client's perspective 
  • Shadowing practice - empathic observation 
  • Feedback to interviewees
  • Preparation for retreat workshop by crystalling key results of interviews 
  • Leadership Retreat 
  • Learning journey synthesis 
  • Interweaving stories and experiences 
  • Brainstorming/imagining possible futures 
  • Presencing/Case Clinic 
  • Collective crystallizing of emerging futures 
  • Identifying top 3-5 prototyping initiatives 
  • Action plans 
Co-creating: Prototyping 
  • Prototype in a pilot community 
  • Gather real data and analyze feedback 
  • Iterate, iterate, iterate 
  • Present to stakeholders 
  • Document lessons and results 
  • Communication strategy 
Co-evolving U-Global Classroom 

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